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Performance Science is a management consultancy dedicated to the development of High Performing Organisations (HPO) and People.

What brought you here today?


As a team of human performance practitioners, we strive to deliver high quality, evidence-informed solutions – creating environments where individuals and organisations can flourish and perform.


Driving everything we do is our Human Performance (HP) framework. Through this approach, we believe that the performance and wellbeing of the individual, team, and organisation is serviced by psychological, physical, social, organisational, and ethical factors.

Why Performance Science?


What we do is underpinned by psychological best practice, by the translation of research into practical advice and solutions. We collaborate with you to assess the impact of the work we do – to evaluate together where we have made a difference and how.

We care

We thrive on collaborative and meaningful relationships. Our purpose is to work with you to identify what your issues and concerns are and will discuss how we might help you with these. We are driven by your needs as they emerge and evolve.

Responsive & adaptive

We have the capacity to support you where you need it most – whether this is systems and processes, working with teams and leaders, or whether its working one-on-one, we tailor and adapt our solutions to meet your needs – we are solution focused not product focused.

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