We are Performance Science

We have a simple vision – to make work a place where anyone can flourish and perform.

What to expect when working with us

Mission & Purpose

We are driven by doing better for others, especially when it comes to the workplace.


We are here to build capability, solve problems, and provide solutions.


Ethical Conduct

We believe in doing the right thing and giving everyone a fair go.

Energy & Passion

Let’s work off each other to ensure the momentum of our work stays on track, and let’s have fun whilst doing it.


With diverse backgrounds, we bring varied expertise to our projects, and hope to leverage your unique organisational expertise too.



Each organisation has their own needs and ways of doing things. We adapt our approach to fit your needs and approach.


In 2008 Melanie started her own consulting company focusing on HR system design and organisational development. She had started her career with 6 years in a boutique consulting company and had then spent 3 years working full time as a lecturer in organisational psychology and then 4 years in international development as an HR and leadership advisor.

Performance Science HPO gave Melanie the chance to do all these things from the one place: to continue to give back to the profession by lecturing and supervising masters students whilst still feeling like she was making a difference nationally and internationally.

We have grown as a small business to be four consultants and have strategic relationships with consulting companies we love to do work with. Our motto is to “do good work with good people”.

Values that lead us

Our values drive our work. They remind us of the bigger picture and the greater purpose.


We strive in practicing ethically, fostering trust and accountability in all our actions and decisions.


We foster a vibrant and enjoyable work environment, where experiences, stories, and diversity are celebrated.

Being our best

We strive for excellence, continuously pushing ourselves to deliver exceptional results and surpass expectations.

Head & heart

We combine intellect and empathy, approaching challenges with a balance of analytical rigor and genuine care for individuals and organisations.


We embrace a curious mindset, constantly seeking knowledge, exploring new possibilities, and encouraging innovation in our work.

Performance Partners

We collaborate nationally with respected partners. The right team can deliver better outcomes and its always great fun to work with your friends.


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Dr Johanne Klap


Sandra Lam

Melanie Freeman

Director, Psychologist & Performance Consultant

Melanie is a registered psychologist and organisational development consultant. She has over 25 years’ experience working in Australia and internationally across a range of industries including oil and gas, mining, IT, finance, government, defence, utilities and not-for-profit.

Melanie’s working career began in a boutique consulting company that specialised in HR system design and diagnostics in particular organisational and safety culture assessments. This was the best I/O psychology consulting experience for a new psychologist as Melanie was able to develop multiple competence frameworks, embed them across HR systems such as recruitment selection, performance management, succession processes, and do this across a range of organisations and industries. 

Melanie then took up a role as a full-time lecturer on the Masters of Applied Psychology (Organisational) at Murdoch University where she had a focus on safety systems, work and well-being, managing workplace mental health and psychosocial risks.  She kept up her consulting work and reserve military service whilst teaching but gave all this up to work in Fiji and then later the Solomon Islands and Bhutan where she could build organisational and professional capabilities to make communities better.

After returning from the pacific, Melanie rebuilt her consulting practice and established Performance Science HPO.  With a focus on enhancing leadership and organisational capabilities, we aim to ensure both high performance and wellbeing for individuals, teams, leaders and organisations. 

Melanie’s career has focused on organisational performance and she has worked extensively at both the systems and individual level to elevate performance. At the systems level, she has extensive experience with leadership capability frameworks and integrating talent management processes to ensure the HR systems and processes in place support the selection, retention and development of high performing leaders and teams.

She has also worked with individuals and teams to build better relationships, to understand their impact on others, and to develop skills for elevating their own performance whilst balancing the impact of work on wellbeing. She has over 20 years working as a military psychologist (reserve) with over 12 years in Special Operations with a focus on human performance and leadership.

  • Organisational Culture and Metrics
  • Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Performance and Development
  • Safety Culture, Coaching and Wellbeing
  • Psychosocial Risks and Workplace Trauma
  • Board and Committee Evaluation

What is something all organisations should be doing?

‘We often get asked to help support leaders and teams to work better, together. Although you can focus on building the capability of your teams, if you don’t focus your attention on how the organisation, the systems and the job contribute to performance and wellbeing, then you are not doing all you can to elevate performance and protect wellbeing.’

Monica Kander

Performance and HR Consultant

Having started her career in Social Work and with a Master of Business Leadership degree, Monica is passionate about empowering people to unlock their full potential.

She uses this passion to deliver on business strategies that promote organisational excellence characterised by trust, honesty, and fairness from recruitment, work design, performance, leadership to change management.

Monica has worked across a diverse range of industries including mining, oil and gas, renewable energy, government, aged-care, Aboriginal Native Title Corporations, and not-for-profit.

As an experienced leadership coach, facilitator, consultant, and strategist, Monica works with leaders to develop their purpose, resilience, and confidence so that they can transform the teams they lead and the organisations they work in.

Monica is an experienced leader, coach and start-up company founder and director. She has over 20 years’ global HR experience, where she has held both in-house management and consulting roles.

She is passionate about transforming the world of work, creating workplace cultures characterised by trust, honesty, and organisational justice that allows individuals to thrive.

  • Strategic HR Management
  • Organisational Culture
  • Leadership Capability Development
  • Leadership and Team Coaching
  • Group Facilitation/Workshops and Team Building
  • Social Performance and Governance
  • Business Coaching

What do you think makes work meaningful?

“There are several factors that make work meaningful and exciting for people and this depends on how well an organisation is led and work is designed. For the most part employees want to feel challenged and engaged with the work itself and to feel appreciated and recognised for their contributions. Positive feedback boosts morale, while constructive feedback helps develop skill and ability and organisation capability.

I believe that organisational justice is a critical factor for employee wellbeing, job satisfaction, motivation, commitment, and retention in a workplace. This refers to the perceived fairness and equity of an organisation’s practices, policies, and procedures such as feedback, promotions, decision making and rewards. These are key to employee outcomes such as trust in management, loyalty, and willingness to give discretionary effort.

L&D budgets during a downturn is notoriously first to withdraw. However, with technology advancing rapidly, investing in upskilling and reskilling is become increasingly important for employees to remain relevant and employable.

For me personally, autonomy in decision making and creativity is a high priority.”

Justin Williams

Performance Consultant

Justin served in the military for twenty-eight years, with twenty years in UK/Australian Special Forces. He is passionate about developing high performing individuals and teams, which he achieves by combining lessons learnt from his vast operational and leadership experience with a diverse academic background.

Justin has over fifteen years’ experience focussed on capability development of high performance, multi-discipline teams in high risk and/or austere environments.

He has translated this expertise into critical support for organisations and leaders who operate globally. He builds team leaders and teams through emersion experiences and focused coaching.

  • Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Special Forces Liaison Officer Development
  • Special Forces Recruitment, Selection and Training
  • Individual and Team High Performance
  • Safety, Security and Risk Management

What is your favourite coaching model and why?

‘I believe that Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team model is an excellent framework for assessing a team’s current performance and establishing a solid foundation for discussions and initiatives aimed at creating high-performing teams.’