Performance Culture

Transform your team's performance with a culture-first approach and shared mental models.

Culture is key

High performing organisations have a number of key characteristics that differentiate them from average and poor performing organisations.

The corner stone of high performance are shared mental models-having a common understanding of the team goals and outcomes, team roles and responsibilities, and team behavioural and performance expectations.

Focus areas

Organisational Culture

Culture is at the core of everything you do. It is your “how we do things around here” and has a substantial impact on performance and results. Our approach is to work with you to define your current and desired culture. We can work with leaders and teams to drive your desired culture.

Leadership Development

Leadership is a key variable affecting individual, group, and organisational performance. We develop individual leaders by increasing their capacity to lead through the acquisition of skills, self-awareness and motivation. We also build the collective capacity of the organisation – how leaders and followers together increase the shared leadership capacity of the group.

Team Performance

Teams are a key element of most organisations and are central to effective organisational performance. We focus on what high performance looks like for the team and how they intend to get there. We work with the leaders and teams to reflect on what they bring as individuals to the team.

Work & Job Design

Work and Job Design focuses on an individuals work tasks, activities, relationships, and responsibilities. It has a profound impact on individual, team, and organisationa performance and overall wellbeing. We can work with you to craft and develop jobs that bring out the best in your people.

How we deliver this

Your Performance Culture solution typically consists of the following deliverables.

Organisational Culture Assessment

Team Assessment & Development


Individual & Team


Leader & Leadership Development


Skills & Capability




Human Resource System Design


Job & Work

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