Performance Diagnostics

Discover practical insights, motivate change and build capability with our suite of accredited assessment tools and insights.

Use the right diagnostics

High-quality performance information ensures you are focused on the right things, at the right time, with the right resources. 

We offer a suite of assessment tools that will help you discover practical insights, motivate change, and build capability.

Additionally, our team are accredited in tools such as the Saville WAVE, Hogan Suite, Discovery Insights, PRINT, PARi, Podium365, and many more.

Focus areas

Selection & Assessment

Cognitive ability and aspects of personality are strong predictors of job performance. Introducing psychometric assessments into your selection process can help ensure you are selecting the right people into the right roles.

Team Development

Whether working in a small group or a large complex team, it is important to understand the needs, abilities, and strengths of each team member. Use assessements that help leverage and highlight these areas to drive teamwork and performance.

Leadership Development

Using a combination of development and feedback tools can help leaders better understand their drivers, development areas, hidden strengths, and blind spots – contributing to team and overall organisational effectiveness.

Organisational Assessment

This is the first step for any organisation that wants to thrive. Assessing key aspects of your organisation helps obtain information that influences organisational effectiveness such as wellbeing, performance, engagement, satisfaction, wellbeing and much more.

How we deliver this

Your Performance Diagnostics solution typically consists of the following deliverables.


Cognitive Ability, Personality and Motivation

Individual Development Assessments





Psychosocial Risk Assessment




High Performing


Culture &

Board Evaluation Australia

Thinking about assessing your board?

Our subsidiary, Board Evaluation Australia provides expertise in evaluation design, delivery and reporting to Boards and Directors. 

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