Performance Safety

Prioritise safety as a mindset and philosophy, not just the absence of accidents.

It starts with safety

Safety is always happening. Safety is not the absence of accidents, it’s the presence of defenses and safeguards. We don’t manage accidents, we manage safeguards.

Safety is what was present in the context of the behaviour and the outcome. Safety will come from the mindset and philosophy of the people, team and organisation.

Focus areas

Safety Culture

Your culture shapes your safety record and performance. It is important for you to understand “how we do things around here” shapes your safety performance. We work with you to define your current and desired culture, and we can help you focus on the performance shaping factors relevant in your context.

Psychosocial Hazards

We need to identify, manage and evaluate all of the risks and hazards that impact psychological health and safety. For maximum impact we need to focus on the organisational systems, people behaviours, and job and work design.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Today more than ever it is important for organisations to understand their impact on mental health and wellbeing. We can help build the mental health literacy of your people, their ability to conquer adersity, and increase their understanding of health and wellbeing.

Performance Shaping Factors

Performance shaping factors influence the likelihood of errors occurring. Factors exsist across the organisation, work environment, task demands, and individual. Our approach is to help you identify what factors are relevant to your context and help you understand and better control them.

How we deliver this

Your Performance Safety solution typically consists of the following deliverables.

Psychosocial Risk Assessment

Organisational Culture Assessment & Review


Workshops &


FIFO Adjustment &
Working Away


Gender Safety


Leadership Capability Development


Accredited MHFA


Safety Climate
Assessment & Review

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